Alexander Revisited

1. Introduction to the Battle of Gaugamela
2. Olympias’ Bed Chamber to the Caves at Pella
3. Entry into Babylon to the Palace Balcony
4. Finding Darius’ Body to Alexander’s Bed Chamber
5. Olympias’ Warning to Bagoas’ Kiss
6. Philip’s Wedding Party and Atop the Hindu Kush
7. The Indian Forest to Cleitus’ Death
8. Roxane’s Arrival in Alexander’s Tent to the King’s Regret
9. Alexander vs Craterus at the Hyphasis River
10. Alexander’s Letter and the Battle at the Hydaspes River
11. Alexander’s Confrontation with Olympias to the Gedrosian Desert
12. Re-entry into Babylon to Alexander’s Rage
13. Medius’ Party to Ptolemy’s Soliloquy


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