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Sometimes I write blog posts and they are good for the moment but then I move on. On other occasions, I write some that do not belong to a series but which I think are worth making a special note of. Not because of my writing, which can always be better, but because the content makes them worth highlighting. I hope you agree.

Hephaestion’s Remains
Hephaestion’s Remains – Update
Judith and Alexander – An Artistic Comparison
Some Thoughts on the Ptolemaic Dynasty
Thoughts on Rehabilitating Olympias
Visions of Alexander

Short Series

Macedonian Celebrations
i. A Happy and Holy Time in Dium
ii. Babylon. A Friendly City.
iii. Thaïs’ Torch Song
iv. The Sons of Dionysus fin

i. Torture in Arrian and Plutarch
ii. Torture in Curtius (1)
Torture in Curtius (2)
iv. Torture in Curtius (3) fin

Wounds of War
Alexander’s Injuries
ii. Alexander’s Injuries
iii. Alexander’s Injuries fin

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