Penguin Edition of Arrian, Headings

When referring to Arrian in my blog posts, I usually use the Penguin Classics (London 1971 tr. J R Hamilton) edition. It features titles on the right hand of each page, which function as chapter headings. I have listed them here to improve my knowledge of Arrian’s text by having an immediate* visual reminder of what he talks about.

as opposed to one gained after flicking through his pages

The Thracian Campaign I.1
The Triballians Defeated I.2
The Getae I.3-4
On The Danube I.5
In A Tight Corner I.5
A Counter-Stroke I.6
The Revolt of Thebes I.7
At Thebes I.8-9
Results of the Theban Defeat I.10
The Expedition Starts I.11
Into Asia I.12
Praise of Alexander I.13
Battle of the Granicus I.14-16
Alexander at Sardis I.17
Democracies Established I.18
Miletus Beseiged I.19
The Persians Defeated I.20
Operations Against Miletus I.20-21
Halicarnassus I.22-23
To Lycia and Pamphylia I.24
A Plot Against Alexander I.25-26
Side and Syllium I.27
The Pisidians I.28
Alexander Marches for Gordium I.29

Persian Moves in the Aegean II.1-2
The Gordian Knot II.3
Alexander Falls Ill II.4
Defeat of Orontobates II.5
Darius Moves to Issus II.6-7
Alexander Addresses His Troops II.7
Battle of Issus II.8-11
Darius Escapes II.11-12
Alexander’s Chivalry II.13
Effects of Persian Disaster II.13-14
Alexander’s Letter to Darius II.14
Alexander Advances to Tyre II.15-16
The Importance of Tyre II.17-18
Preparations Against Tyre II.18-19
Alexander Gains a Fleet II.20
The Siege Begins II.21
Naval Clashes at Tyre II.22-23
The Final Attack II.24
Tyre Falls II.25
A Warning From The Seer II.26
The Capture of Gaza II.27

The Foundations of Alexandria III.1-2
The Journey to Siwah III.3
The Shrine of Ammon III.4-5
Alexander Leaves Egypt III.6
Harpalus III.6
Alexander Seeks Out Darius III.7-8
The Country About Gaugamela III.9
Alexander Rejects Parmenio’s Advice III.10
Preparations for Battle III.11-12
The Fight Begins III.13
The Route of Persians at Gaugamela III.14
Darius Escapes III.15
At Babylon and Susa III.16
A Lesson for the Uxians III.17
Through the Persian Gates III.18
To Media III.19
In Pursuit of Darius III.20
Bessus Arrests Darius III.21
Character of Darius III.22
Hyrcania III.23-24
Bessus Proclaimed King III.25
Plot Against Alexander’s Life III.26
The ‘Benefactors’ III.27
Bessus Retires to Sogdiana III.28
Pursuit of Bessus III.29-30
Alexander Wounded III.30

Operations on the Tanais IV.1-3
Against the Scythians IV.4
Across the Tanais IV.4
A Macedonian Disaster IV.5-6
Odd Behaviour of a River IV.7
Alexander’s ‘Orientalism’ IV.8
Alexander and Cleitus IV.8
Alexander’s Remorse IV.9
The Question of Prostration IV.10-11
God or Man? IV.11-12
Callisthenes Opposes Prostration IV.13
A Plot to Murder Alexander IV.13-14
Alexander is Offered a Wife IV.15
Spitamenes Causes Trouble IV.16
Defeat of Spitamenes IV.17
The Rock of Sogdiana IV.18-19
Alexander and Roxane IV.19-20
Chorienes Surrenders to Alexander IV.21-22
The March into India IV.22
Bajaur and Swat IV.23-24
Ptolemy to the Fore IV.25
To Massaga IV.26
A Brave Enemy IV.27
To Aornos IV.28-29
A Stern Struggle IV.29
Capture of the Rock of Aornos IV.30

Tales of Dionysus at Nysa V.1-3
Alexander Reaches the Indus V.4
The Indians V.4-5
Geography V.6
Methods of Bridging V.7-8
On the Hydaspes V.8-10
Feints Against Porus V.11
The Crossing of the Hydaspes V.12-13
Alexander’s Intentions V.14
Preliminaries to Battle V.14-16
The Battle Begins V.17
Porus Defeated V.18
Alexander and Porus V.19
Bucephalus V.19
Operations in India V.20-22
At Sangala V.23-24
The Macedonians Mutiny V.25
‘Must We Turn Back?’ V.26
Alexander’s Speech to His Men V.25-26
The Reply of Coenus V.27-28
Alexander’s Only Defeat V.29

On The Hydaspes VI.1-3
The Voyage Begins VI.4
Battle with the River VI.5-6
Against the Mallians VI.6-8
Alexander in Peril VI.9
Alexander Near to Death VI.10-11
The Carelessness of Historians VI.11-12
Alexander Returns to the Army VI.13
On the Indus VI.15
Down the Indus VI.16
At Pattala VI.17-18
In the Estuary of the Delta VI.19
In the Indian Ocean VI.20
Minor Operations VI.21-22
Desert Plants VI.23
The Gedrosian Desert VI.23-24
The Army’s Distress VI.24-25
Alexander’s Noblest Deed VI.26
Trouble in the Empire VI.27
Nearchus Rejoins Alexander VI.28
The Tomb of Cyrus VI.29
Peucestas VI.30

The Indian Sages VII.1-2
The Strange Story of Calanus VII.3
Alexander’s Severity VII.4
Alexander’s Generosity VII.5
Resentment at ‘Orientalism’ VII.6-7
Up the Tigris VII.7-8
Mutiny at Opis VII.8-9
Alexander’s Address to his Men VII.9-11
Reconciliations VII.11
The Veterans Leave For Home VII.12
Sinister Rumours VII.12
Hephaestion’s Death VII.13
Alexander’s Grief VII.14-15
On the Way to Babylon VII.15-16
The Temple of Bel VII.17
A True Prophet VII.18
New Projects at Babylon VII.19
Naval Explorations VII.20-21
The Euphrates VII.21-22
An Omen of Disaster VII.23
Alexander’s Letter to Cleomenes VII.23
Forebodings of Disaster VII.24
Alexander’s Last Days VII.25-26
Stories About His Death VII.27-28
His Greatness VII.28-30

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