Plutarch’s Life of Alexander on Tumblr

Up until beginning this series of posts I had a Tumblr account for this blog but no real idea how to use it.

One day, I read something and it occurred to me – why not use Tumblr to write shorter posts on Alexander? Maybe people who didn’t read blogs might find and be interested by what they read and saw (for each post is accompanies by pictures) there.

With that in mind, I decided to kick off with a chapter-by-chapter guide to Plutarch’s Life.

The posts have, probably inevitably, been longer than not but still very fun to write.

Chapter 1 – 7
Chapter 8 – 14
Chapter 15 – 21
Chapter 22 – 28
Chapter 29 – 35
Chapter 36 – 42
Chapter 43 – 49
Chapter 50 – 56
Chapter 57 – 63
Chapter 64 – 70
Chapter 71 – 77


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