The Wars of the Diadochi according to Diodorus (Book XVIII)

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1. The Funeral Games
2. The Divided Army
3.1 Satraps in the Name of the King
3.2 Alexander’s Remains
4.1 Alexander’s Last Instructions
4.2 Hephaestion’s Pyre
4.3 The Civil War Begins
5. The Northern Satrapies
6. The Southern Satrapies
7. Pithon vs. the Greek Settlers
8-9. The Exiles’ Decree
10. Democracy in Action
11. Boeotia vs Athens
12. Antipater vs A Greek Allied Force
13. The Siege of Lamia
14. Ptolemy, Lysimachus and Leonnatus after Babylon
15.1 The Battle of Lamia
15.2 The Battles of the Echinades
16. Ariarathes vs. Perdiccas
17. The Battle of Crannon
18. Athens Capitulates
19. Thibron in Cyrene
20. Mnasicles’ Betrayal
21. The War for Cyrene
22. Balacrus Avenged

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